Recipe: Muscovado Cafecito with Homemade Polvoron

Need the caffeine AND the “sugar” rush? You can ditch the latte and quickly make a cafecito, an espresso shot with a scoop of sweetener. I pulled an espresso shot with my minispresso of Felipe, a full bodied, chocolatey-rich coffee from the Mountain Provinces of the Philippines from Cafeteria Coffee. And then, I paired it with a homemade polvoron. It was perfect for afternoon meryenda (snack). 

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Muscovado Cafecito Recipe: 


  • 7 g of finely ground coffee
  • 1 small scoop of muscovado sugar 
  • ~20 mL of boiling water 
  • Polvoron (a crumbly cookie) to pair
  1. Boil water and get 1 scoop (7g)  of finely ground coffee
  2. Heat all the Minispresso parts and pour water in the water chamber
  3. Put all the parts together, and then pull the shot
  4. Take one scoop of muscovado sugar and mix it into the espresso
  5. Enjoy with polvoron! 

Hope you enjoy this recipe! 

With coffee and cheer, 

JQ, The Coffee Effect

About Cafeteria:

Cafeteria is a coffee company based in Quezon City, Philippines and aims to empower the local Filipino farmers. They hope to grow the craft of growing coffee through selling quality coffee locally and through sharing the hard work that goes into growing the coffee. 

About muscovado: 

This is an unrefined (or much less refined) sugar that is derived from sugarcane juice. It has a strong molasses taste.  

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