Aeropress VS Aeropress Go

So is there actually a difference between the @aeropress and its newborn sibling, Aeropress Go?

Spark Notes version: Buy the Go if you are looking specifically for a travel brewing device. Besides that, the brewing experience for both is similar. 

Comparing the two Aeropresses:

Traveling a lot, I LOVE the Go’s more compact design that fits all the components (foldable stirrer, scoop, and filter case) inside the mug. I’ve had to fix my inverted recipes on the Go to only be 150 mL capacity, but it’s not too bad of a fix!

The Differences: 

1) The Aeropress is larger, with numbers going to 4, versus 3 on the Go
2) The Aeropress has a much larger stirrer
3) The gasket material seems softer for now on the Go (though I’ve also had the original Aeropress for years, so it POSSIBLY might have to do with age?)

4) The filter baskets have a different hole design! Maybe to facilitate better flow when pressing.  

The Brewing Process

I used Tim Wendelboe’s Aeropress recipe: 14 g of medium fine coffee to 200 mL

After pouring 200 mL of 199F/93 C water, I stirred 3 times. And then let the coffee brew for 1 minute. 

After 1 minute, I stirred 3 times again, and then pressed for about 30 seconds. 

The Coffee

I brewed Starbucks Reserve’s China Yunnan Pu’er and Baoshan coffee from southwest China with a paper filter on the original Aeropress and a metal filter on the Go – I actually couldn’t believe it had bell pepper notes yet it was so sweet! The paper filter gave a more tea-like texture with muted floral notes and a bell pepper finish. And the metal filter gave a velvety texture with a balanced cup with sweet bell pepper notes. A memorable coffee, for sure.

With coffee and cheer, 

JQ, The Coffee Effect

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