Recipe: Honey Coffee Sweet Tea

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 When sweet tea meets coffee. Bringing some of these TN vibes to y’all with this @seesawcoffee coffee with berry notes, shaken with sweet tea, sweetened with a little bit of honey, and paired with some Jack Daniel’s chocolate.

Honey Coffee Sweet Tea Recipe:


  • Single sachet of Kenya Coffee from Seesaw
  • 100 mL of 199 F/93 C water
  • 6 oz of sweet tea
  • Ice
  • Some honey
  • Jack Daniel’s chocolate
  1. Heat water and then pour over sachet
  2. After coffee is finished dripping, pour in a shaking vessel with ice and shake until cold
  3. Pour sweet tea in a glass with ice, and then pour shaken ice coffee over the sweet tea
  4. Mix in some honey
  5. Garnish with a Jack Daniel’s chocolate
  6. Enjoy!

With coffee and cheer,

JQ, The Coffee Effect

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