Recipe: Creamy, Whipped 3 Ingredient Dalgona Coffee for Quarantine 2020

A small, simple, sweet treat while quarantiningđź’ž It’s been a wild ride – how are y’all holding on? If you’re looking for a sweet, caffeinated treat, this 3 ingredient whipped and frothed quarantine coffee is a cup of happiness.  Thanks ddulgi for the Dalgona coffee recipe inspiration! 

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Creamy, Whipped, Frothed Dalgona Coffee for Quarantine Recipe


  • 30g of coffee, fine ground
  • 60 mL of boiling water
  • 4 tbsp of any type of sugar
  • Any type of milk
  1. Brew espresso style coffee
    1. Grind fine ground 
    2. Boil water 
    3. Put grounds into aeropress, and pour hot water on top of coffee
    4. Press immediately
  2. Put sugar in
  3. Froth coffee & sugar 
  4. Pour milk into a glass
  5. Top milk with frothed coffee
  6. Enjoy your Dalgona coffee!

With coffee and cheer,

JQ, The Coffee Effect

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